The Calling

The Sarasin family's move to northern Michigan is meant as a getaway from the stressful big-city life of suburban Detroit. Instead, they find themselves engaged in an epic struggle . . . with a demon, their new house's sinister past and with themselves. From a mysterious stranger who stalks them, to a hotel clerk who describes their house's former owner as "a doctor not of the living . . . but of the dying," from sounds of digging and voices under their house to an enormous "stone circle" used for Satan worship in the forest behind them, from the discovery of journals describing demon calling to a sheriff who may be "one of them," the Sarasins are plunged into a seemingly unstoppable descent as pawns in a game where the future of the world depends upon their ability to stop the creation of an immense "gate"--a portal between the world of the living and that of the revengeful dead.








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